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    Kerrisha Gopichand The Lotus Coach

    Kerrisha has helped build numerous businesses, including her own international coaching company to scale big. She has helped her clients with exit strategies to leave their jobs, becoming their very own boss, working with their ideal clients, doing work they really love to do. Kerrisha’s organizational skills and ability to lead large groups of people in the area of finance, operations and administration have always caught the eye of businesses in need. In her corporate career, she’s had the privilege of working in different roles and industries, helping set up businesses and organizations. 

    Seeing the gaps in leadership and the frustrations experienced by many, Kerrisha began a journey into understanding how to activate inner change and bridge the gap between mindset and wealth. In her pursuit of self-realization, she’s come to understand that success lies in inner fulfilment. The question of “Who am I?” has been one of her quests which triggered the launch of premium coaching programs that would help women discover their purpose and activate real wealth by launching their own business. She coaches women who are committed to finding that answer for themselves and using their gifts to build a business brand of significance.

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