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    Managing with Heart & Mind

    Managing with Heart & Mind (MwHM) is an extraordinarily powerful system designed to create deep change for individuals, teams and organizations. It is focused on enabling people to work from a deep space of awareness of self and others, creating the opportunity for sustained transformation.

    This is more than just a training program. It is about initiating a paradigm shift in the way we think, feel and relate to ourselves and those around us. It is essentially about encouraging people to raise their consciousness where we operate from a deep sense of purpose, relatedness, meaning and fulfilment.

    We believe that sustained engagement is the one that comes from within, an inside-out approach. It takes the willingness to look within and to take responsibility for how one responds to situations every day. This form of accountability creates an opportunity to make more powerful choices of being. This program creates the space to question those limiting mindsets, examine repetitive patterns of behaviour, suspend blame and take ownership for action.

    Our approach to transformation involves
    powerful experiential processes designed to:


    Uncover limiting beliefs and unconscious negative thought processes that may be interfering with efforts to be the best on the job.


    Minimize self-imposed mental obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing and expressing their full potential.


    Assess the impact of your ‘Inner Emotional Environment’ on relationships, interactions and achievement of goals.



    Explore opportunities to reduce self-interference and grow potential. Experience the ‘flow’ state of excellence and most importantly, greater level of internal satisfaction.

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